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Resources for Parents/Caregivers

  • Essex County Trauma Resources from Equal Justice - click here

    • A list of local and state-wide healing support organizations, hotlines, and community mental health centers for children and adults.

  • Your Words Matter from We Are Teachers - click here

    • A simple handout with more gentle, and supportive language caregivers and educators can use to engage with students.

  • Well-Being Practices: Gentle Reminders for Times of Stress from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network - click here

    • A fact sheet to help children and adults cope with feelings of stress, connect during stressful times, and learn ways to reduce stress. 

  • How to Support Children's Mental Health Going Back-to-School from the Greater Newark Health Care Coalition - click here

    • A fun info sheet for parents/caregivers to learn how to practice individual self-care to foster positive routines and supportive relationships with their  students as they return to school.

  • 2 Minute Mindful Body Relaxation from Fablefy - click here 

    • A quick video for caregivers and youth to relax their entire bodies and unwind after stressful situations.​

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