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Overview of Yendor Productions: Yendor Productions was founded in 2003 to alleviate the challenges experienced by under-served artists and communities as it relates to cultural and artistic expression. Yendor produced its first arts event with local Newark artists Jerry Gant, Hassan Hamilton, and Yucef Mayes at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). Yendor Productions established its reputation by developing and facilitating workshops for Plainfield Public Schools under the direction of Laura Fatal, Director of Visual and Performing Arts. The Turrell Foundation in 2005 and 2006 funded the “I Have a Dream” (IHAD) program in Plainfield, NJ for Yendor to produce a documentary on IHAD and host filmmaking classes. Yendor developed and implemented in 2005 a Rites of Passage program for Children’s Aid in partnership with The Artist Collective for Social Change.

In the spirit of community development, restoration and sustenance, Yendor Productions prides itself on engaging in advocacy opportunities that extend beyond the Arts. In its totality Yendor Productions is dedicated to bringing the arts to the people, and we are deeply rooted in serving individuals within diverse communities. With an unwavering commitment to underserved populations, Yendor Productions fosters hope and healing through access to arts-integrated and cross-cultural programs and performances.

What makes Yendor Productions unique and necessary? “What is so impressive about Yendor is it’s grassroots approach to community development. Through active listening and collaboration, Yendor uses the Arts in its various forms to knit together a wide array of community organizations, city government, educational institutions and many others to create true collective impact. Communities are actively engaged and reinvigorated with a sense of social responsibility for not only the art they have been exposed to but their community and neighborhood.”

Services provided by Yendor Productions: Today, Under the vibrant leadership of its Founder and now Executive Director, Rodney Gilbert, Yendor Productions coordinates a plethora of programs that are executed in partnership with other active organizations in and around Newark with a vested interest in developing and sustaining the communities we work with. ADVANTAGE ARTS was recently created in partnership with Drew University and Newark Public School’s Office of Extended Learning. These civic engagement theatre class participants include Drew University students and Newark Public School scholars. Other notable programs include the NEWARK MURALS PROGRAM, ABANDONED LOT ARTS PROJECT (ALAP) and THE GATES INITIATIVE.


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