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Ifeoma A. Ejiogu


“Creative, Passionate, Goal-orientated”

My name is Ifeoma Ejiogu and I am 25 years old. Currently I am pursuing a degree in Art Education p-12 at Montclair State University and will be graduating in January of 2018. I enjoy learning and taking risks. Many of my artwork consists of oil paintings and pen. I am inspired by all that is around me and most of my artwork includes nature (Animals, Oceanscapes, Landscapes). Last year I opened up my own art studio in Somerville, NJ. In there I do my own work as well as host events and art lessons for all ages. One of the best things I enjoy about teaching art to others is being able to simultaneously watch them reach new heights and learn about who they are individually. I try my hardest to encourage others to express themselves uniquely through art, be personal and care about each individual or student, and to be a model for upcoming generations.


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