People's Preparatory Charter School

Amy Pozmantier

Community Program Coordinator

“punctual, responsible, organized”

Amy Pozmantier came to People’s Prep in 2013 from Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia, where she was a sixth grade reading teacher. In her first two years at People’s Prep, Ms. Pozmantier placed over 60 students in internships across the city of Newark. She continues to build lasting relationships with organizations and companies in Newark, with the goal of placing more students in internships and community service work. Ms. Pozmantier holds a B.A. in Individual Studies from New York University and a M.S.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Overview of People’s Prep Charter School: “People’s Preparatory Charter School welcomed our first 9th grade class in August 2011. Located in the heart of Newark, we are a growing community of learners, teachers, and staff all working to support the People’s Prep core values of Grit, Empathy, Achievement, Curiosity, Humility, and Enthusiasm. People’s Prep provides a rigorous curriculum and an extended school-day and school-year calendar. Simply put, we give more to get more. All students complete a college-preparatory curriculum. Our students not only develop academic skills, but also nurture a love of learning.”

What makes People’s Prep unique and necessary?: “Unlike most charters in the area, People’s Prep is a stand alone charter high school with no feeder elementary or middle schools. That said, we offer students at an older age the opportunity to still receive an excellent education. Additionally, we not only strive to get kids into college but we also make sure they succeed in college and beyond. We have an Alumni Coordinator that tracks and supports students for six years after they graduate.”

Services provided by PPCS: *All of the below is only for People’s Prep Students: -Longer school day and school year to help students become college ready -Internships -Extracurricular Activities/Clubs -Sports such as basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and football


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