Painted Purple

Sheikia Purple Norris

Artistic Director & Teaching Artist

“mindful, expansive, unify-er”

Purple is an artist community advocate using Hip Hop cultural context to connect people, places and ideas. Through performance and writing Purp discovered her inner voice and purpose which is fulfilled through her work as an artistic director, teaching artist, and cultural ambassador for a variety of organizations, agencies and creative collectives! Purple holds a degree in Community Health Education from Johnson C Smith University and is a wellness advocate in the City of Newark. Purple is just as influential as a Hip Hop emcee as she is in the classroom. Being guided by the greats, Purple is committed to using the power of her voice as a source of elevation and inspiration!

Overview of Painted Purple: Painted Purple provides creative solutions consulting for artist, activist and wellness workers. Services range from connecting people, places and ideas to strategic planning through coaching and partnership.

What makes Painted Purple unique and necessary? “What makes this organization unique is the artist centered approach and individual coaching around personal development as a way to support creative folks fulfilling on their contribution through their works. There is a need to support those who live non traditional lives. Those who are often called upon to make a difference for others, tend to neglect themselves and their basic needs. This is a population that is not necessarily reached by marketing, and under utilized services.”

Services provided by Painted Purple: Coaching, visioning, personal wellness planning, clutter removal, time management strategies, community building, resource referral.


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