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Alex Mack, Jr.


“energetic, committed, innovative”

Alex Mack, Jr. is an exceptional Music and Performing arts Director with over 22 years in performing arts in the United States and abroad.

As music and performing arts director at New Hope Baptist Church, Alex interpreted and modified music to personalize performances. He organized 6 to 8 shows and recitals each year, including booking musicians. Practiced piano 4 per week to maintain and improve technical skills. Selected music carefully in order to achieve a balance of musical styles on the program. Conducted the ensemble at rehearsals and during both live and recorded performances. Arranged musical compositions to achieve a particular musical style. Transposed music to alternate keys with speed and accuracy. As Assistant Director of the International Youth Organization, he performed at an average of 2 events per month, including special functions, rehearsals and recordings. He accompanied modern and ballet dance classes and performances. Collaborated with the dance department in creating scores for choreography projects. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in: Collaborative Piano from The Julliard School, NY where he also did Coursework in Music History.

About Innovations Music and Performing Arts Conservatory: has a strong team of music teachers, dance instructors, art teachers, and teaching artist that will participate in the development in training, study trips, and planning meetings in order to develop a set of curriculum units tied to early childhood and elementary reading/writing teaching objectives from English language arts literacy curriculum. In addition to the Project Team, two teaching performing artists associated with IMPAC will also participate. IMPAC will develop a plan, supporting activities, and resources that will be used to effectively engage young children in hands-on learning that directly strengthens the children’s reading and writing skills. The project will result in an instructional program that can be shared with schools and extended care programs throughout NJ.

What makes IMPAC unique and necessary?: “It is well-documented that music education programs can successfully address diverse academic and social needs, such as: Advancing academic achievement due to transferable study skills and enhanced self-esteem; developing attention skills, self-expression and physical dexterity; Broadening one’s understanding and appreciation of the world; and improving abilities such as self-discipline, collaboration, communication with others, and creativity. Through music, children experience the wholeness of language. Using music to teach reading draws on the natural rhythm and rhyme of language. Within group music experiences, children learn as they read, write, comprehend and express ideas. Through music, memory skills can be improved, and aural (listening) discrimination increased.”

Services provided by Innovation Music and Performing Arts Conservatory: We promote excellence, creativity, and accessibility of the arts through performance events and instruction of the highest quality, in music and related artistic disciplines. The Center is committed to the sustained development of creativity and cultural life in individuals and the city, by advancing artistic talents regardless of income and cultivating new audiences for fine arts.


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